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In Andhra Pradesh, Soil Sampling and Soil testing programme is organized in a systematic manner to evaluate the fertility status, to identify the soil related problems (Salinity/ Sodicity) if any to improve fertility and to apply fertilizer based on soil test data

Objectives of the Programme:

  • To assess the fertility status and to furnish soil test based fertilizer recommendation to farmers for obtaining optimum yields
  • To identify the soil problems (salinity/sodicity) if any. To
  • Reclaim the problematic soils.
  • To implement soil test results for soil fertility management as per the requirement of crop.


In Andhra Pradesh the soil testing programme is carried out by a network of 91 soil testing laboratories comprising of 2 Regional Soil Testing Labs, 26 District Soil Testing Labs, 5 Mobile Soil Testing Labs and 58 Mini Soil Testing Labs atAgricultural Market Committee level.

Sl. No. Type of Soil Testing Lab Nos Facility
1. Regional Soil Testing Labs 2. Macro & Micro nutrient & water analysis
2. District Soil Testing Lab 26 Macro & Micro nutrient & water analysis
3. Mobile labs 5 Macro nutrients
4. Agricultural Market Committee level labs 58 Macro nutrients
Total 91

Soil Testing Campaign:

The Department of Agriculture organized soil testing campaign from 1st to 8th April 2013. During campaign, the departmental staff will create awareness about the soil health and it is proposed to collect 10 samples per village.

Objectives of the programme:

  • To create awareness among farmers regarding the importance of soil testing, judicious and integrated use of fertilizer based on soil test data
  • To improve soil health through green manuring
  • To promote use of amendments for reclamation of acidic/ alkaline soils
  • To promote use of micronutrients for improving soil health & productivity

It is targeted to analyse 2, 68, 000 samples for macronutrients, 1, 54, 000 samples for micronutrients and 22, 100 water samples with a budget outlay of Rs.59.08 Lakhs.

Farming Situation wise Soil Sample Collection:

The main objective of soil samples collection farming situation wise is to monitor the soil fertility changes over a period.

In Andhra Pradesh there are 240 Farming Situations. It is planned to collect soil samples @ 15 samples from each farming situation

Distribution of Soil Health Cards:

Soil Health plays a vital role to ensure agricultural production in a sustainable manner. Intensive farming, while increasing food production, has caused not only major nutrients deficiencies but also secondary as well as micronutrient deficiencies. Timely correction measures therefore necessitate balanced use of fertilizers based on soil test data

The Department of Agriculture planned to collect soil samples @ 10 samples per revenue village to assess the soil fertility and distribute soil health cards to the farmers duly advocating the farmers to adopt soil test based fertilizer recommendations taking into consideration of the farming situation and major crops grown in each village