National e-Governance Plan

1. Introduction
The existing Extension & IT Schemes from 11th Plan have been strengthened,
expanded and up-scaled appropriately and implemented as components of Sub
Mission on Agricultural Extension (SMAE) under National Mission on Agricultural
Extension & Technology (NMAET). With the approval of NMAET all the IT Schemes
of DAC have been subsumed with the Mission. The Mission Mode Project, National EGovernance
Plan in Agriculture (NeGP-A) introduced during last phase of the 11th
Plan, to achieve rapid development of agriculture in India through the use of ICT, has
been continued during 12th Plan as a part of SMAE.

Besides this, following Department and State specific e-Governance initiatives in
Agriculture & allied sectors at the Centre and States/UTs will also continue during
12th Plan period in conjunction with NeGP-A:

i. Strengthening of IT apparatus in Department of Agriculture and Cooperation (Hqrs), Field Offices and Directorates of DAC
ii. Strengthening of IT Apparatus in Agriculture and Cooperation in the States and Union Territories (AGRISNET)
iii. Development of Agricultural Informatics and Communication
iv. Kisan Call Centre

All the IT initiatives of DAC will be integrated to enable the farmers in making proper
and timely use of the information available through multiple ICT channels including
Web Portals, Common Service Centres, Internet Access Points, Touch Screen Kiosks
and SMSs through State Wide Area Network & State Data Centre and availability of
Government to Citizen (G2C) Services.

2. National e-Governance Plan in Agriculture (NeGP-A)
2.1 Background:
NeGP-A is proposed to be implemented across the country and aims at offering Government to Citizen / Farmer (G2C or G2F), Government to Business (G2B) and Government to Government (G2G) agricultural services in an integrated manner through the Central Agriculture Portal (CAP) and State Agriculture Portals (SAPs).


The key objectives of the Project include:
. Bringing farmer centricity & service orientation to the programs
. Enhancing reach & impact of extension services
. Improving access of farmers to information & services throughout crop-cycle
. Building upon, enhancing & integrating the existing ICT initiatives of Centre, and States
. Enhancing efficiency & effectiveness of programs through process redesign
. More effective management of schemes of DAC
. Promoting a common framework across states

The scheme is expected to bring the following benefits to the Stakeholders –
Farmers, business and Government(s):
· Provide uniform face of government to agriculture sector stakeholders
(especially farmers)
· Service-level governed service delivery with built-in checks and balances to
increase efficiency
· Streamlined processes which make Government efficient and effective for
service delivery
· Integration of existing initiatives with new ones, thus creating sustainable
balance of ICT
· Improved monitoring of compliance, MIS and utilization of public money
· The Project would make current service delivery mechanisms more efficient,
transparent and accountable. Further, it would facilitate farmers to have
easy accessibility to these services through multiple service delivery
channels. The Project will also help the Department of Agriculture and
Cooperation (DAC) to optimise its costs in delivery of services to various
stakeholders. The Project will generate efficiencies in the system and the
benefits shall be realised immediately after implementation